Stainless Steel Strip & Coil


We manufacture stainless steel strip and coil which can be put to uses as varied as stamping body panels of automobiles, washing machines, refrigerators, dryers on one hand, and building and construction industry on the other. Be it the structural support column, or the stainless steel used on doors to reinforce them against break-ins, stainless steel strips are the go-to material preferred by builders. They might be used in the manufacture of utensils due to their anti-abrasive nature and corrosion resistance. These qualities make them good for use in building facades, cladding pillars, interior walls, grooves, internal and external decoration, and inlays. Their high strength, stress resistance, and durability make them a desirable material in the manufacture of cars, trucks, and cranes as well as the erection of bridges, transmission towers, roller coasters, and other structures. Their high melting point makes them an essential material for use in chemical, food processing, oil, and gas industries.

The accurate dimensions and durable finish standards we attain make the stainless steel coil perfect for use in the compressors of refrigerators and air conditioners; internal and external column coating in apartments, offices, and malls; and the outer wall of the high-rise buildings. Their great performance and sturdiness ensure their usage in the engineering and automobile industry, especially for heat exchangers, heating elements, and flexible tubing. Precision-designed stainless steel coil plates are used for the manufacture of handrails of stairs and in washrooms, for elevator panels, doors, and windows of modern buildings. Springs, cutlery items, and filtration devices utilize the optimum strength of our stainless steel coils.
The size of our stainless steel strip and coil ranges from 25.00 mm to 1500 mm with a thickness range of 0.40 mm to 5.0 mm. They are available in different grades, namely JT, J4, 204 CU, 304, and 316. They have various finishes on the principle of horses for courses. These are 2B, No.1, No.4 (PVC), and No.8 (PVC).


Size Range:25.00 mm to 1500 mm
Thickness Range:0.40 mm To 5.0 mm
Grade:JT, J4, 204 CU, 304, 316
Finish:2B, No.1, No.4 (PVC), No.8 (PVC)