Stainless Steel Section Pipe


Negotiating sharp corners is one of the biggest headaches for any interior designer. This is where the stainless steel section pipe comes in truly handy. When designing library bookshelves, or the handrails of escalators, interior designers make the most of the bends of stainless steel section pipes. Though stainless steel tubes are often used as supports of bookshelves, the section pipes are needed when connecting the shelves to the ceiling or to the floor, especially when they are the floor to ceiling kind of bookshelves. Stainless steel section pipes come in handy for the interior design of offices which have been set in an older building with very high ceilings. Typically, each room is made into a duplex unit, especially when designed to incorporate open floor plans. The stainless steel pipes and pipe sections lend it just that touch of modernity and durability which is so reassuring. In a modern building, these would be needed in the server rooms of different offices.

Few offices do without some kind of air conditioning, or air cooling system. Many housing apartments offer centralized air conditioning too. The commonest use of stainless steel section pipe is in the ducts of air conditioners, especially of split air conditioners, and centralized air conditioners. Commercial kitchens, that is the kitchens of restaurants, hotels, and tiffin service providers; the hospitality industry; the food processing industry; retail outlets; transportation hubs; the oil and gas industry; and chemical plants need stainless steel section pipes. The commonest use is, however, in water supply and sanitation with washrooms accounting for a significant proportion of stainless steel section pipes usage.

Our stainless steel section pipes come in size ranges of square pipe from 12 x 12 to 80 x 80; oval pipes; D shape pipes; and rectangular pipes ranging from 20 x 10 to 100 x 50. They have a thickness range of 0.80 mm to 3.0 mm, and come in varying grades — JT, J4, 304, 304 L, 316, and 316 L. They are given 2B, matt, or mirror finish in accordance with end-use.


Size Range:Square pipe from 12 x 12 to 80 x 80
Rectangular pipes from 20 x 10 to 100 x 50
Oval pipes & D Shape pipes
Thickness Range:0.80 mm to 3.0 mm
Grade:JT, J4, 304, 304 L, 316, 316 L
Finish:2B, Matt, Mirror